Zagers Pool & SpaGet your home and garden ready for the season

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get outside and prepare lawns, gardens and outdoor spaces for the season. One of our editors, Courtney Birchmeier, reached out to the lakeshore’s local experts for advice on prepping yards for the summer months.

Q. How can homeowners keep their lawns healthy this summer?

A. Feed your lawn three or four times during the growing season with high quality, balanced fertilizers. Use weed killers and insecticides sparingly and as needed, always following proper application and weather conditions. Mow your lawn regularly and keep it a little on the longer side during hot weather to preserve moisture and nutrients. This will keep the ground temperature cooler, too, and help prevent weed seeds from germinating.

Questions? Stop into your local store to get answers (at our hardware store we can even sharpen your mower blades while you wait!)

—Deb Van Wieren Axce, owner of
Van Wieren Hardware, Holland

Q. What products should I have on hand before opening my pool for the season?

A. Depending on your situation, you may need a pump to get any excess water off of the cover. Next, you’ll need a leaf skimmer to remove as much debris as possible.

Now you are ready to add chemicals. We recommend a BioGuard(R) Deluxe Pool Opening Kit which includes a Back Up 2 (algae preventative), Spot Kill (algae killer), Stow Away (cleaner), and Pool Opening Complete (an enhancer that clarifies, removes phosphates and prevents waterline buildup).

Finally, you’ll want to have a pool vacuum and accessories to clean the interior of the pool.

—Lenny Mennega, sales manager at
Zagers Pool & Spa, locations in Holland, Grand Rapids, Jamestown and Wyoming

Q. How can homeowners spruce up their landscaping while on a budget?

A. For a fresh, clean look, edge beds and mulch with your favorite bark mulch. For a lush look in the shade, plant large-leafed hostas in groups of three to five. Share perennials with your neighbors. Scour the thrift stores and garage sales for garden accoutrements and pots to fill up with annuals for big splashes of color. 

—Jan Landry, owner of Huntree Nursery, Fennville