3 more books to read in 2019

The First Conspiracy  by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
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The First Conspiracy

by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch, nonfiction

We often tend to romanticize the founding of the United States as a foregone conclusion. But this historically accurate thriller shows us that things could easily have gone awry. This book provides a fresh lens to view the history of our country and the uneasy path we’ve traveled to get to where we are today. As the country continues to grow and change, hopefully this story will inspire us to not let adversity hold us back. 

—Alexa and Scott from The Bookman, Grand Haven

Brave, Not Perfect  by Reshma Saujani
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Brave, Not Perfect

by Reshma Saujani, nonfiction

From a very early age, girls are taught to play nice, be quiet and polite, and stay clean. Boys, on the other hand, are allowed to get dirty, play rough, speak up and take risks. In essence, boys are taught to be brave, and girls are taught to be perfect. In a book inspired by her popular TED Talk, Saujani shows how to end this cycle. On the heels of a historic number of women who were elected to positions in the U.S. government, this book will inspire and embolden its readers to make braver choices.

—Alexa and Scott from The Bookman, Grand Haven

On the Come Up  by Angie Thomas
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On the Come Up 

by Angie Thomas, young adult fiction

This follow-up to Thomas’ first novel, The Hate U Give, demonstrates again Thomas’ talent for blistering dialogue, complex characters and emotional depth. Our protagonist Bri is a 16-year-old black girl with an unflinching desire to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Thomas’ visceral novel reveals many facets of the black identity and black experience. The book challenges its readers to think deeply about white privilege, police brutality and the reality of a world that can be difficult for young people of color to navigate. 

—Alexa and Scott from The Bookman, Grand Haven

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