6 ways to spruce up your home, part 1

Kitchen West Design Studio, Douglas

Redesign your kitchen

Today’s kitchen trends are designed for a multipurpose hub for cooking, eating, entertaining and relaxing.

“Practical luxury” is a trending theme, try using jewel tones, matte textures and mixed metals to modernize the look of your kitchen. To improve your kitchen on a budget, try decluttering by using clever storage and organize existing cabinets with innovative interior accessories. Fresh paint, backsplash, statement bar stools, an accent wall, new appliances and countertops, and updated cabinet hardware, window treatments and lighting can really make a kitchen pop.

Marilyn Nagelkirk and Carol Lozano, Kitchen West Design Studio, Douglas

Landscape Design Services, Holland

Elevate your outdoor space

Mass plantings and hedges have become common in the landscape beds; these planting concepts catch and direct the eye through the landscape. Many patio spaces are moving toward using larger format pavers. Accents are also a big part of the hardscape movement. Using a different color or texture to create interest in the patio or walls visually breaks up the space. Path lights, up lights on plants, down lights from mature trees, and lights under retaining wall caps all help create a safe and usable space after the sun goes down.

Kelly Karp, landscape designer at Landscape Design Services, Holland

Part 2 will be available June 11, 2019.