Advice from a bride-to-be

Advice from a   bride-to-be

By Cortney Erndt

  So, you’re getting married — or a confidant to someone who is. It’s likely one of the most exciting times in your life, but also one of the busiest. These five tidbits helped my fiancé and I survive the planning madness while we organized our “I dos.” 

1. Don’t procrastinate. 

My fiancé proposed in October 2020. Looking back, I’m so grateful we started planning right away. Now that it’s the year of our wedding, we feel little to no stress — and our vendors say the same. I immediately created a to-do list in the order of what needed to be planned and purchased first, like booking our venue and caterer — all the way through music, flowers and cake. Include the small, easily forgotten items in your list, like pens for your guest book and black socks for the groom.

2. Personalize your wedding to you. 

It’s the 21st century, meaning many old-time traditions are no longer standard. Maybe you prefer double-chocolate brownies over a classic white wedding cake, or you’re just not feeling a garter toss. Ditch the traditions that don’t speak to you and your fiancé’s personalities, and opt for vendors who go the extra mile in customization. Remember, it’s your wedding — not Great Aunt Susie’s. 

3. Ask and you might receive. 

Some vendors offer products and services you wouldn’t expect. For example, our florist rents out card boxes, chair coverings and ceiling drapery. They even offer day-of coordinators who keep the timeline on track. Even if your vendor doesn’t offer the service you’re looking for, they can probably connect you to a business that does.

Contributor  Cortney Erndt
Contributor Cortney Erndt will become Mrs. Woody on June 4, 2022
Photos: Abbey Leigh Photography

4. Be realistic with your time. 

Soak in all the main events of your engagement, like the bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, but also recognize you may not have time to bake cookies for all your welcome bags. Eliminate minor tasks like hand-painting signs and focus on big-ticket priorities, such as coordinating a timeline with your photographer. After all, those photos will last a lifetime! 

5. Take care of yourself. 

You love spending time with your fiancé and planning with your bridal party, but every happy couple needs to unwind with some alone time. Booking a spa day, trying a hot-yoga class or even going for a mid-day walk can release pent-up energy and excitement. Don’t worry about what might happen and make a choice to focus on everything that’s going right — and your love for your partner.