Beechwood Grill reveals fresh new look with charming feel

Russ Shilander, partner at Beechwood Grill
Russ Shilander, partner at Beechwood Grill
Photo: Urban St. magazine/Kelsey Smith

By Kelsey Smith

Serving the Holland area for over 40 years, Beechwood Inn has become a well-loved eatery for both out-of-towners and devoted regulars.

But for the first time this month, the restaurant is serving patrons under a new look and a new name.

Towering above the restaurant, a wide, bold sign now reads “Beechwood Grill.”

Cowboy Steak, Beechwood Grill
Cowboy Steak, Beechwood Grill
Photo: Elisabeth Vanderwall

“We feel like our space didn’t stand out,” said Russ Shilander, partner at Beechwood Grill. “People would drive by here and they didn’t know we were here, and we’ve been here for over 40 years. I tell people where it is, and I have to say, ‘It’s across the street from Captain Sundae.’ My goal is to not have to say that one day.”

The updated space has an open, rustic-meets-modern design, with metal trims and locally reclaimed wood fixtures placed throughout the restaurant, giving more of a contemporary, yet comfortable feel.

After completely remodeling and rebranding, the menu holds a stronger emphasis on grilled fare, by doling out fresh, wood-fired burgers, chicken, steaks and seafood.

“Getting to what our menu is, I’d say it’s classic American with a detail to grilling,” Shilander said. “We have great burgers, they’re fresh-ground with the best bakery bun I can buy — I’ve never heard anyone complain about our burgers. The steaks are a big thing, too.”

The menu has essentially remained the same, while keeping the prices unchanged, Shilander said.

In addition to the restaurant, Beechwood Grill specializes in catering.

“We do year-round catering, we book up pretty much every season for weddings,” Shilander said. “Wedding catering is definitely one of our specialties.”

Now that all of the changes have come together, Shilander looks forward to sharing the revamped space with the community, in hopes it will draw larger crowds and make a lasting impact.

“I hope that people recognize the restaurant more,” he said. “I hope the community sees it as a place to eat, but also ‘the’ place to eat. All I really want is for people to feel like they came in and got the same meal and service, but they got this much better atmosphere.” n

Perch Tacos, Beechwood Grill
Perch Tacos, Beechwood Grill
Photo: Elisabeth Vanderwall

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