The Big Day – 2018 Wedding Guide

Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens, Fennville
Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens, Fennville
Photo: Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens

With wedding season just around the corner, our editor Kelsey Smith reached out to the lakeshore’s local experts to get the latest scoop on tying the knot.

Q. Some couples are hesitant about outdoor weddings – what advice do you have to ease their decision?

A. Our model around here is to have plan B in place, and if you aren’t comfortable with plan B, don’t book plan A. We always say to have a backup, even if that backup is contacting a church nearby. You can just ask them if you can come by if there’s inclement weather.

If you’re hosting it yourself, you can rent your own tent. It’s great for a rainy day, but also great for shade, in case it’s too hot.

—Kathy Doornbos, owner of Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens, Fennville

Q. What are some trends you’re seeing with wedding ring purchases?

A. The main thing that seems to be trending at the moment is the halo style, with a diamond in the center and diamonds all around it. Another thing that seems to be popular is the rose gold style, rather than the typical yellow and white gold, which is nice, I kind of like that.

—Dan Bouwman, owner of Hardie Jewelry, Holland

Wedding cake and cupcake tower
Wedding cake and cupcake tower
Photo: Grand Finale Desserts & Pastries/Justin Raha

Q. How do your consultants know when the bride has found “the” dress – what are the telltale signs?

A. The smile on her face says it all. Normally, we have brides try on many styles to ensure they have a chance to really hone in on what they like. Toward the end of an appointment, the bride has an opportunity to retry on her favorites, at which time “the” dress becomes obvious by the smile on her face!

—Elaine Buck-Page, owner of Caela Scott Bridal & Formalwear, Holland

Q. Some couples are straying away from the traditional wedding cake route – what are your thoughts on this trend? Have you made any creative desserts for your wedding clients?

A. People are really liking dessert bars right now, like cupcake and doughnut bars. We still do a fair amount of wedding cakes, too. I did probably four to five weddings last year with couples that had both a cake and a dessert bar.

With that, there are more bite-size treats like cake pops, truffles and bars. It allows for more creativity and it can be a lot of fun.

—Justin Raha, owner of Grand Finale Desserts & Pastries, Grand Haven