The Biscuit rocks in Washington Square

Rob and Tracy Gerow
Rob and Tracy Gerow
Photo: David Hoekman

By David Hoekman

Breakfast regulars just love the food and the easygoing vibe at The Biscuit, a breakfast-and-lunch restaurant in Holland’s Washington Square.

Locally sourced food is a big thing at the restaurant — and has been since owners Tracy and Rob Gerow opened the 56-seat eatery in 2008.

Rob and Tracy met while attending culinary school in Denver. After working elsewhere, the two moved to Holland and opened The Biscuit.

“We always thought breakfast should get the same creative attention as dinner,” Tracy said.

Tracy shops the farmers market from spring through fall. Every Tuesday in the summer, a local grower drops off heirloom tomatoes.

“We are so lucky to live in such a rich agricultural area,” Tracy said. As much as possible the restaurant serves food grown locally or in Michigan.

The Lily Scramble
The Lily Scramble
Photo: Mark Dryer

The two agree that the focus is to serve food that is free of preservatives and additives. To that end, natural, unprocessed ingredients rule in their made-from-scratch kitchen.

The work of local artists fills the walls and playful sculptures of a chicken and a pig hold positions of prominence in The Biscuit’s main display window.

The Gerows also strive to stay creative, which is evident in The Biscuit’s new menu section called Of The Moment.

Of The Moment contains entrees of a temporary nature. They may or may not be on the menu the next time a guest visits The Biscuit.

Of The Moment dishes use seasonal ingredients or represent a culinary trend or idea from the 15-member staff. Salmon Biscuits, Blueberry-Lemon French Toast and Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta are just a few of the dishes that have been featured on the new menu. n

The Biscuit
450 S. Washington Ave.