Black Sheep Baa & Grill builds customer base

Black Sheep Baa & Grill
Black Sheep Baa & Grill

By David Hoekman

Black Sheep restaurant owner Mike Barber acknowledges that his restaurant, like all eateries, must consistently offer great food, ambience and customer service.

“You have to hit all of them,” he said. “You have to hit on all cylinders.”

After a year in operation, Black Sheep in Holland runs like a well-tuned engine. That’s due to the efforts of Barber, General Manager Tina LaFave, Chef Pete Hop and the rest of the staff. “People have responded very well,” Barber said. Especially to Hop’s menu.

Black Sheep Baa & Grill burger
Black Sheep Baa & Grill burger


The grill’s chef-inspired upscale comfort food is Americana with Asian and French influences. Hop starts with great ingredients usually sourced from farmers markets and local suppliers.

“The ingredients give you that wow taste,” LaFave said.

His bacon burger quickly became a customer favorite.

The burger’s Gouda cheese is breaded and deep-fried. The bacon is candied. A King Hawaiian bun, steak sauce aioli and caramelized onions complete the package.

“Last summer, just opening up, I think a lot of people tested us on the sandwich menu,” Hop said. “The burger was obviously a hit, because a lot of people returned and were just craving it.”

Clams — prepared with chorizo and a white wine cream sauce — are also popular.

Hop creates a nightly special and is always developing new menu items.


Black Sheep offers entertainment regularly. Solo acts, duos and sometimes a trio perform every Saturday after the dinner hour. There’s a jazz night every other Wednesday.

LaFave didn’t know how entertainment would go over, but customers like it.

“Now we have people calling and asking, ‘What’s your entertainment for tonight?’” she said.

Black Sheep Baa & Grill
1642 South Shore Drive

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About the name…

Why Black Sheep Baa & Grill?

Owner Mike Barber said his involvement in the bar industry made him the black sheep in his family of preachers, pastors and deacons.