Bowdies Chophouse: Cozy steakhouse with a modern spin

Bowdies Chophouse Chef Chris Doebler
Chef Chris Doebler, Bowdies Chophouse
Photos: kelsey smith

By Kelsey Smith

What started off as a Craigslist advertisement turned into a career milestone for Chris Doebler.

As the executive chef at Bowdies Chophouse, he takes pride in what the steakhouse brings to the coastal town of Saugatuck.

“I love it, it’s perfect for what I want out of my career,” Doebler said. “This small atmosphere fits perfectly into what I want and the cuisine is perfect for the area. It’s something that was never around, and it just got brought into this area and it’s been working out fantastically.”

Bowdies Chophouse opened two years ago and receives high praise for its Shrimp Cocktail, Roasted Half-Chicken and USDA Prime steaks. Doebler describes the menu as a traditional American cuisine.

“They’re staples that you would recognize, that I think we execute on a really high level with different techniques.”

The steakhouse separates itself from others with an intimate dining room that seats 25 guests, a screened-in porch with high-top tables and an outdoor patio.

Preparing different cuisines with fresh ingredients for customers drives Doebler’s passion.

“I love having the ability to make people happy with food,” he said. “A lot of careers, you can’t find instantaneous happiness with a consumer. It’s really cool to see people just be so stoked on their meal as they’re eating it.”

Doebler’s career has taken him across the country, working under award-winning chefs in Chicago and Los Angeles.

“I’ve had a lot of luck with the people that I’ve worked with that have really shaped my career to what it is now,” he said.

Knowing Bowdies’ niche and sticking with it has been successful, Doebler said.

“I think we’ve just developed a really good crew, and I think we’re really in touch with what we want to be and we’re not trying to be anything else,” he said. “We’re just trying to be us, and do it the best we possibly can.”

Bowdies Chophouse
230 Culver St.

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