Celebrate Green Commute Week by biking

photo of bikers
MACC encourages everyone to be green during Green Commute Week

Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) embraces stewardship every week of the year. For one week of the 52, it particularly encourages residents to make it a priority during Green Commute Week, May 15–21.

Elisa Hoekwater says that MACC would like the average Joe to try being green during the regional awareness promotion, if only for two days.

“There are many great ideas to simplify your routine and make it easier to ‘green commute,’” she said. As transportation program manager and the enthusiast behind the first Green Commute Week in 2008, she does walk her talk.

Hoekwater carpools with her family, cycles or shares a ride to work. Nothing says sharing more than giving MAX Transit a try.

One summer day, Hoekwater and her sons started at the Padnos Transportation Center and rode the bus route to their school, then to lunch and other routes to play laser tag and go bowling.

“They saw how easy it was to get where they wanted to go … and they felt empowered,” she said.

During 2016 Green Commute Week, May 15–21, individuals and companies can participate and be rewarded with cleaner air and a few prizes.

For participants that sign up to be green for two days of the week, there are some amazing opportunities to receive discounts from local retailers serving as Recharging Stations. In addition, there’s the corporate challenge, a school commute contest and a video contest.

In 2015, 22 companies, three high schools and 100 individuals participated.

For information about how to keep it working, visit the 2016 Green Commute page: the-macc.org.