Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon celebrates community

Mark Herman, owner of Crazy Horse
Mark Herman, owner of Crazy Horse
Photo: Urban St./Kelsey Smith

By Kelsey Smith

New York Strip
New York Strip
Photo: Photo Op/Ron Moorse

Menu items have changed, new staff has been welcomed and decor has been refreshed, but there’s one thing that always remains the same at Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon: the community.

The restaurant has been serving the Holland area for over 20 years and has won the Holland Sentinel’s “Best of the Best” award each year for the last 15 years.

Crazy Horse is widely known for its mouthwatering prime rib, steak, salmon and chicken entrees.

“We’re very much a classic steakhouse, and we serve our prime rib more than anything else,” said Heather Laninga, general manager. “We use local products and ingredients as much as we can.”

Aside from serving quality meals, Crazy Horse serves the West Michigan community in a big way, and it all started with a single dollar bill.

Long-time customers at Crazy Horse, the Ellis family began pinning dollar bills on the walls of the restaurant, instantly setting a trend. Shortly after, Crazy Horse was filled with dollar bills decorated with names, dates and personal facts.

Surf, surf and surf
Surf, surf and surf

“We didn’t feel like they (dollar bills) were ours to take off,” Laninga said. “And then 9/11 happened. We thought we needed to give that money to the Red Cross — it was the right thing to do. So, we took the money down and that’s what our fundraisers morphed from.”

Since then, Crazy Horse has raised over $300,000 for local families and nonprofits. The restaurant hosts a community fundraiser every other month, where part of the proceeds from that night go toward a selected organization or family, as well as the dollar bills on the walls.

“That’s just what we do here,” said Mark Herman, owner. “The dollars and giving back to the community — that’s turned into our story.”

Fundraisers are advertised on large menu covers, radio broadcasts, social media channels and email newsletters.

“The bottom line is this: The more people that come here, the more money goes into the fundraiser,” Herman said.

And Crazy Horse’s community involvement doesn’t go unnoticed. Last year, the restaurant received the Business Leadership award from the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce.

“I’d like to thank our community,” Laninga said. “I’d like to thank them for supporting our fundraisers and keeping our doors open all this time. And I’d like to invite them to keep doing that.”

Photos: Photo Op/Ron Moorse

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