Dig in to local cuisine and history at The Copper Post

Owner Mike Thorp (left) and general manager Lee Bigby Photo: Urban St. magazine/Kelsey Smith
Owner Mike Thorp (left) and general manager Lee Bigby
Photo: Urban St. magazine/Kelsey Smith

By Kelsey Smith

Copper Post Craft Cocktail
Craft cocktail
Photo: The Copper Post

At The Copper Post in downtown Grand Haven, it’s all about quality ingredients and hospitality.

“Hospitality is big for our employees, to our team and to all of our guests,” said Mike Thorp, one of the owners. “The vision for The Copper Post is that it’s a great place to work and a great place to eat.”

Dating back to 1872, the building that houses The Copper Post is steeped in Grand Haven history, which can be seen and felt throughout the restaurant.

“It’s a real blessing for me to have the opportunity to be a part of the next generation of this building and its history,” said Doug Vanse, another owner. “We’re hoping to make it a good chapter. The emphasis is on hospitality, and just inviting people in to experience a piece of Grand Haven history.”

The building was the original post office in Grand Haven, and it flaunts an elaborate copper ceiling, with historic, local photographs lining the walls.

“One of the really cool things on our logo is that it says, ‘First toil, then rest. First grace, then glory,’” Thorp said. “It actually came off the tombstone of William Ferry, who is the founder of Grand Haven.”

Opened just last month, The Copper Post puts a creative spin on classic, familiar dishes. Lee Bigby, general manager, describes the menu as modern American, while focusing on four influences: ground, land, air and water.

“The modern American fits because it doesn’t pigeonhole us into any one thing,” Bigby said. “With that, we can evolve to what our guests want us to be. We’re doing more classic, French-inspired food, and then family food memories. So, it’s familiar, yet still different.”

Using all local and fresh ingredients, the year-round restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, burgers, cuts of meat, and vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

“What may be a pork banh mi now may look different in the fall, because of the different availability of vegetables,” Thorp said. “And that translates throughout the rest of the menu, which I think is really cool and exciting.” 

The Copper Post
100 Washington Ave.
Grand Haven

Copper Post Blue Man
Blue Man Burger
Photo: The Copper Post