Explore the outdoors By land and by lake

Bikers exploring the outdoors
Bikers exploring the outdoors

When summer rolls around, West Michigan’s outdoor-oriented culture rises like the sun. For those of us smart enough to live here, well, we only have to open the door to step into a whole world of fun. On land or on the water.

On land

What’s great about riding a bike is the actual ride. Getting anywhere can be relaxing on a power assist e-bike; it makes the round-trip ride from Holland to Saugatuck a piece of cake. Maybe step onto a cruiser or a multi-speed racing bike to get to Grand Haven in record time on the Lakeshore Connector Path. Short distance to travel? Get a retro thrill on a skateboard.

Hiking solo or with family in any of the Ottawa County Parks provides another way to explore the outdoors. Kick up the experience by packing fresh flowers with the picnic basket.

On the water

With the great Lake Michigan as the state line, it is super easy to get on water. Kayak the Macatawa River by Windmill Island, check out jet ski rentals, brunch al fresco along the channel, sign on for kiteboarding, ride a wakeboard, water ski, maybe learn to sail.

This summer, finally climb Mount Pisgah, go charter fishing, build sand castles, sketch the beauty of the lakeshore or buy a book to read outside. During a West Michigan summer one thing is for sure. If someone suggests “Go fly a kite,” everyone will.

For ideas about exploring the outdoors, ask the area experts featured in this issue of Urban St.

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