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For every fashionista turning heads on Chinook Pier, doing lunch or meeting the new boss, there’s a stylist who read her mind months before. When the snow was flying, shipments of must-haves for spring arrived at area boutiques and waited until now to be unpacked, steamed and displayed. Urban St. caught up with two of these mind readers to get the scoop on style for the warm days ahead.

What’s in your closet?

“A great piece to help last year’s wardrobe step into spring is a crisp cotton blouse,” said Jenna Sharnas, owner of Threads on 8th in downtown Holland, who is adding a new line of white and blue blouses at her store. “You can never go wrong adding this piece to your closet – pair it with a skirt or pant for the workplace or a denim jacket and capri for the weekend,” she said.

In downtown Saugatuck at Images, Dawn Poel says to remember your favorite black pants when updating your wardrobe for spring. “Last year’s black pants can be matched with a new print top or a cool, colorful jacket,” Poel said. “Animal prints, too, but not for a whole outfit,” she quickly added. “Polka dots are fun, too.”


“You will definitely see the layer dress this spring,” Sharnas said. “It typically has a fluid piece layered over a structured skirt. It provides coverage in just the right areas.” Other looks to slip into include cold shoulder looks and tops with open, slit sleeves or worn off the shoulder.

Colorful and cool cotton is a staple at Images. Cold shoulder tops in lighter weight fabrics rise to the top of Poel’s list. Prints of all kinds are very important this year. Ditto for pants with both narrow and full legs. “Leggings are still in,” she said, “but palazzo pants are as well. We like to present updated, comfortable fashion.”

Three pieces West Michigan women should have for spring

“A bold statement of color,” Sharnas said, adding that fuchsia is a favorite as it pairs beautifully with navy, white or black. She also love, love, loves feminine and flowing tops over a fresh, white skirt or pant as a crisp alternative to the staple black.

Poel says to think top to bottom when planning purchasing for the new season. “A cotton jacket can be worn as a shirt or jacket, a reversible jacket — solid color on one side and a fun print on the other — and a new pair of strappy shoes.” Think about chunky heels, even square-cut heels, wedges and espadrilles. n

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