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By Kelsey Smith

About the organization

Benjamin’s Hope is an innovative and replicable community of faith-centered learning, adventure, worship and play. The 40-acre campus in Holland offers “live, work, play, worship” opportunities designed to create purposeful and integrated experiences for adults with autism, their families and the entire community. The walking trails, worship experiences, petting barn and gardening activities are enjoyed by people throughout West Michigan. The array of programs and offerings through the Church of Benjamin’s Hope serve 400 or more people each week.

Krista Mason, executive director
Krista Mason, executive director

Meet Krista Mason, executive director

How did you get started here?

Ben’s Hope is inspired by the life of Benjamin Mason. Ben is my 23-year-old son. Ben is a joyful man who loves being active, outdoors and surrounded by friends. Ben is also profoundly impacted by autism. Ben and his life have inspired a “live, work, play, worship” community in which people of all abilities are transformed by the love of Christ. Ben’s Hope is inspiring hope for people affected by autism everywhere.

What kind of impact does Benjamin’s Hope have on the community?

As autism now affects 1 in every 59 children born, we face an epidemic challenge. Communities across the country are seeking creative and sustainable ways to help people with autism enjoy lives of purpose. Now serving as a replicable national model of public/private partnership and debt-free development, Benjamin’s Hope is an innovative community solution to this challenge.

Ben’s Hope is a resource to the entire community and a beacon of hope for families planning for the future of their loved ones affected by disability. The Church of Benjamin’s Hope is a welcoming place for people who seek a truly inclusive faith family.

Why this matters

As described by the father of Cooper, who has autism, “Benjamin’s Hope is, for us, like a little bit of heaven on earth.”

While Ben’s Hope is home to 30 men and women who live in the farm-style homes, it is for hundreds in our community a place where love is experienced in abundance, and people of all abilities are celebrated. At Ben’s Hope, you will see the heart of Holland at its best. Disability affects one in six households. The need for organizations like Ben’s Hope is not going away.

harvesting lettuce
harvesting lettuce

How you can help

Visit — We are an open campus! Come enjoy the walking trails and playground, pet the alpacas, visit the garden and participate in Club Connect on Thursday evenings.

Worship — Every Sunday night at 6 p.m., join us for radically inclusive worship.

Pray — Ask our lord for provision and protection for Benjamin’s Hope and the people who live and work here.

Give — Mail a gift or give online at n

Benjamin’s Hope
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