Giving Back with Evergreen Commons

By Kelsey Smith

Evergreen Commons
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About the organization

Evergreen Commons is a community-based organization that has reimagined what it means for older adults to live independently and vibrantly right where they are. Located in downtown Holland, it offers a variety of opportunities for active individuals and those needing additional support.

Melissa Wesolek
Melissa Wesolek (center), director of development, Evergreen Commons

Meet Melissa Wesolek, director of development

How did you get started here?

After years of working in nearby communities outside of Holland, while living directly in Holland, it became clear to me how important it was that I find work in the same community where my husband and I were raising our family. One of my core values is to give back to the community in which I live. Since joining the Evergreen Commons team in 2016, it has been a joy to serve as the director of development. I love my job not only because it is one that allows me to work in an area I cherish, but also, be part of an organization that makes a tremendous difference in the quality of life for older adults within my community.

What kind of impact does Evergreen Commons have on the community?

Evergreen Commons is a community-benefit (501c3) organization that is unique to the greater Holland community. Annually, our programming serves over 5,000 community members. We have programming in the following four main areas: Life Enrichment, Sports & Fitness, Resources, and The Day Center. 

Why this matters

Active older adults who come to Evergreen Commons say things like, “This place gives me a reason to get up in the morning. It’s why I’m still on Planet Earth.” That’s especially true for people who have recently lost a spouse or are new to the community. 

Evergreen Commons recognizes that living fully is not a one-size-fits-all; we offer a unique variety of opportunities for personal growth and community engagement among our programming. We as an organization embrace Holland’s thriving, community spirit. So, when you leave your front door and enter ours, you’ll feel welcomed in your home away from home.

How you can help

Volunteers have been an integral part of Evergreen Commons since opening in 1985. We are always looking to welcome new volunteers to help us deliver outstanding service in many of our program areas. 

In addition, we count on donations to fulfill our mission. Our membership dues and program fees are established to offset some of the costs of delivering programs and services. Every gift makes a difference!

Evergreen Commons
480 State St., Holland

Evergreen Commons
Photo: Evergreen Commons