Giving Back with Fellinlove Farm

Visitors can walk the scenic trail or relax with animals

Fellinlove Farm
Left to right: Alyssa Kaletka, Mieke VanderlKolk, and Hope Haverdink
Photo by Tami Lindenau George

Fellinlove Farm is a nonprofit organization located at 6364 144th Ave in Holland. Open year-round, the farm hosts a variety of animals and seasonal events for visitors. Upcoming events include “LOOK for Lucky The Leprechaun” and the “EGGcellent Egg Hunt.” We talked to Executive Director and Founder Cheryl Kaletka, who told us a little bit more about Fellinlove Farm’s offerings.

Q: You’ve stated family as a major driver in the past. Since growing Fellinlove Farm, can you share about the therapeutic aspects you see on a daily basis?  

A: The daily interaction that our daughters, Ashleigh and Alyssa, experience with the animals at Fellinlove Farm provides a calming effect, fostering a sense of tranquility and reducing stress and anxiety from daily life. I especially observe this within our four programs including Young Fellinlove Farmers, Adaptive Field Trip Participants, Senior Assisted Living Residents, and our volunteers, many with unique needs. The responsibility of caring for animals teaches valuable life skills, promoting a sense of ownership and accountability. The unconditional love and companionship the animals offer contribute to their mental, physical, and emotional well-being, while the tasks involved in animal care boost their self-confidence through accomplishment and connection.

Fellinlove Farm
Fellinlove pond in the fall
Photo: Courtesy of Fellinlove Farm

Q: Which activities and animals can visitors expect to see?

A: Meet the huggable mini donkey duo, Stevie and Squiggles, along with cats, dachshunds, ducks, chickens, rabbits, mini horses, mini llamas and mini-African zebu cattle; rare breeds of horses such as Fell ponies (farm namesake), Gypsy Vanner horses, a Friesian horse and an Arabian horse. Discover goats, Kunekune pigs and Great Pyrenees dogs… Our pocket pet room includes bearded dragons, tortoises (outdoor habitat when warm), chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets. Feed the fish at our serene koi pond featuring 60 beautiful koi fish. Walk our nature trail; enjoy pond activities (pedal boat, kayak, canoe); attend the Pavilion’s Four Corners — 

  1. The UniCorner Shop features Unicorn sale items as a fundraiser,
  2. Kids Korner features crafts and prizes for children,
  3. Cozy Corner features farm videos on TV while you relax near pond, and
  4. Cup of Corner features cups of hot cocoa or lemonade.
Fellinlove Farm
Group photo of farm volunteers
Photo: Courtesy of Fellinlove Farm

Q: Can you touch briefly on event rental?

A: Dive into the festivities at our new pavilion, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Whether it’s bridal showers, baby showers, private adult or children’s birthday parties, field trips, work gatherings/staff retreats, yoga with goats, proms, bonfires, community events, church socials or family reunions — we’ve got the perfect backdrop for your joyous occasions. If you are interested in scheduling a guided tour or special event for our fundraising campaign, please contact Cheryl.

Fellinlove Farm
Leading the alpacas!
Photo: Courtesy of Fellinlove Farm

Q: For anyone interested in volunteering, which roles or tasks are available?

A: We thrive on the energy of our amazing volunteer family! Our dynamic team makes it all happen, and we could not run the farm without them.

  1. Morning chores: help walk animals out to pastures, clean stalls & pastures.
  2. Assist at open farm public events: field trips/senior tours.
  3. Help with special projects (Prom decorating, property preparation, etc.). 

We also offer the Young Fellinlove Farmers program, open to those up to age 18. Get hands-on with the animals, share laughs, and make a difference by contributing to their daily care and chores.

Fellinlove Farm
A volunteer feeds the koi fish
Photo: Courtesy of Fellinlove Farm

Q: How have you seen Fellinlove Farm grow and what would you like to
incorporate in the future?

A: Our 2023 Pavilion and its upgrades allow for enriched programming and a new thrilling educational lineup. One of our 2024 goals is to upgrade our ADA Path to full concrete, allowing for durable navigation throughout the farm. The journey ahead is brimming with inclusivity, innovation, and endless possibilities.

Fellinlove Farm 
6364 144th Ave, Holland
(616) 283-7555