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Express Yourself
Express yourself: New mantra for health, beauty and wellness

Shelves at bookstores are filled with opinions about beauty and health – from Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual to Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces. A few years ago, Chris Scott wrote Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup and it shot to the top of the five-star charts, making it a best-seller.

Museum galleries brim with beauty, on the walls, in the sculpture gardens and special exhibits. A few years ago, The British Museum hosted an exhibit on the very subject of beauty, focusing on the human body as perceived in perfection by the ancient Greeks.

Racks at retail checkouts shout messages about beauty, health and dieting — usually from a celebrity’s point of view. Shelves at bookstores are much the same. Even The New York Times recently published a section quoting “Expert Advice for Healthier Living.”

Health and beauty coverage in Urban St. is a wee bit different because our experts are accessible every day, not merely online or within a book’s binding. They are our neighbors and our confidants when talking about skin care, health, diet and exercise – both mental and physical. 

Whether you are contemplating a new way to express yourself or not, this fall is a good time to contemplate the possibilities or to get started. Find expert advice on the following pages of this issue of Urban St. Our local sources know firsthand how the Midwest weather and diet affect your skin because it affects theirs. Ditto for the energizing afterglow of a yoga class or massage. These local experts can even guesstimate the calories burned while cycling the lakefront or running the “snowmelt” in downtown Holland.