Hair color trends strike 2016

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Hair color trends strike 2016

By Cortney Erndt

There won’t be a dull moment this year in the world of color, according to Kali Reagan, a stylist at Grand Haven’s Donaylle Nicole Hair Studio.

“We saw some fun trends last year, but this year is all about creativity — one of the best years for color,” she said. “More people are stepping outside of their comfort zones.”

Reagan gave Urban St. insight on her 2016 color-trend predictions:

Balayage: A highlight technique in which dye is painted on to create a graduated, natural-looking effect

Bronde: Not blonde, not brunette — somewhere in-between

Lazy girl: A low-maintenance, budget-friendly trend with deliberate roots

Pastel: A candy-colored look created for fearless hair chameleons

Cinnamon swirl: A mix of light and dark golden tones to create a multidimensional masterpiece

This spring, Reagan suggests trying a warm tone.

“Cinnamon swirl is the newest warm-color trend created with copper tones,” she said.

And the brave who are ready to stand out from the crowd should start with the most popular pastel color, dusty rose.

“A few celebrities have been spotted with dusty rose, such as Hilary Duff, Miranda Lambert, and of course, Kylie Jenner.”

Donaylle Nicole Hair Studio offers two options to achieve the pastel trend: extensions and Keune Color Craving. Color Craving is a take-home pigmented conditioner. Clients also can receive a custom color by a talented stylist.

You may now be wondering, what’s the key to maintaining these trendy colors?

“The first step is to have a salon professional shampoo and conditioner — that is the key,” Reagan said. “I try to not wash my hair very much when I have vibrant colors. Dry shampoo will be your new best friend. We just starting using Continuum, which makes my colors last longer and keep integrity. My clients come in for Continuum treatments in-between their colors.”

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