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With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to neglect your personal health and wellness. The goal of our annual “all about you” issue is to remind you to take care of yourself and your family, and to feel good about who you are. 

One of our editors, Courtney Birchmeier, chatted with the lakeshore’s local experts about health, beauty and wellness trends and topics. 

Q. What are some hair trends we can expect to see this fall for men and women?

A. The fall is always such an exciting time for fashion. For men we are seeing more casual, textured looks. Longer looks are here to stay for the season and those higher faded clipper cuts are still very on trend moving toward a more workable and less polished way of styling. The ‘90s are back! Fall looks for women are sleek with center parts featuring low knots and lots of braids. Color is a must for fall, everyone needs a shiny, fresh and natural look.

—Brittney Delo-Martinez, stylist at Salon Cheveux, Holland

massageQ. Should children receive chiropractic care?

A. That’s a simple answer. No parent wants to see their child struggling. We are the very best at helping them achieve amazing results with issues like colic, reflux, ear infections, sensory issues, spectrum issues, anxiety and ADD/ADHD in a drugless approach! They (parents) also bring them to help them develop as healthy as possible and avoid the previously mentioned concerns.

—Dr. Matt Dirkse, Health Zone Chiropractic, Grand Haven

Q. How do I know if cosmetic surgery is right for me?

A. Cosmetic surgery is right for you if you have realistic expectations. A good cosmetic procedure is one that returns your function and refreshes your appearance. My goal is to help you express your inner beauty by treating you with compassion and understanding while giving you the most expert care.

—Dr. Jason Stubbs, Signature Surgical Arts & Medspa, Holland, Grand Haven and Jenison

Q. What’s trending right now in the natural health and beauty world?

A. In the health world, customers are using:

• CBD oil: sleep, pain, seizures, mood

• Collagen: hair, skin, nails and joints

• Turmeric (Curcumin): inflammation, pain, memory

• Ashwagandha (an adaptogen): energy, endurance, stress

• Probiotics: helps overall health by eliminating waste, increasing absorption and nutrients, balancing gut flora 

In the beauty world, these are trending:

• Essential oils/carrier oils: used for personal or household

• Mineral makeups that are hypoallergenic and paraben-free, artificial color-free, fragrance-free, talc-free, non-comedogenic, never tested on animals, gluten-free

• Deodorants that are free of aluminum, propylene glycol and paraben, cruelty-free certified, crafted in the United States

• Activated charcoal toothpaste, which is fluoride-free, SLS-free, non-GMO, no glycerin, vegan

• Locally made goat-milk soap bars

• Arnica gels and creams n

—Diane Slayer and Theresa Hoerig, owners of Nature’s Market, Holland