Holland Bowl Mill debuts new showroom

Holland Bowl Mill
Photos: Urban St./Mark Dryer

By Kelsey Smith

Renovating since February, the Holland Bowl Mill is now ready to present its new, upgraded showroom.

“We’ve always wanted to expand our showroom, especially for larger tours and tour buses,” said Kory Gier, vice president of Holland Bowl Mill. “It could be extremely cramped and crowded in our old showroom, so once the space next door opened up, we took over some of their offices, and then that way our existing offices could become the new showroom — it just kind of all aligned perfectly. We ended up doubling the size of our showroom.”

Holland Bowl Mill spoons

Located on the north side of Holland, the mill is the largest manufacturer of wooden bowls in the United States, and it has quite an extensive history.

“There’s some cool, new features in the showroom,” Gier said. “We’re still showing the How It’s Made video, but behind it, there’s a mural wallpaper of the timeline of our company. We have old pictures from 1906 when the company first started, all the way to 2020. It goes through the steps of how we started, how we became the bowl mill and how we became the largest manufacturer of wooden bowls.” 

Holland Bowl Mill

“It’s a really cool history lesson about our company and how we’ve been around for over 100 years,” he said.

The showroom also has a new lifestyle display.

“We re-did everything in the showroom,” Gier said. “We built all new fixtures — we have a cool farmhouse table that shows you how you can use our wooden bowls, kind of like a lifestyle display. We’re really excited to have that be a part of the showroom, too.”

Holland Bowl Mill Bowls

Aside from expanding the showroom, the mill has added some new signage.

“We have a new sign out by the road, which is huge because so many people drive by and have no idea that we’re here,” Gier said.

The mill held a soft opening for the new showroom in June, and plans to host a grand opening later this fall. Tours of the mill will start back up in early July and be limited to groups of 10 or less.

Holland Bowl Mill
120 James St., Holland