JK’s Bakehouse & Deli – Combining passion with cuisine

JK's Bakehouse & Deli
JK’s Bakehouse & Deli

By Kelsey Smith

For Jodi Rademaker and Kathy Timmer, food is an art and JK’s Bakehouse & Deli is their open canvas.

“We’re just looking to do our artwork,” Rademaker said. “We love what we do, and you can taste the love in every bite.”

Two years ago, the local women opened the bakery and deli. Rademaker and Timmer previously worked together in the restaurant industry. When the duo found themselves searching for new jobs, they came together and started what is now JK’s Bakehouse & Deli.

Previously a catering company, the business expanded into a shop when it acquired its current building. Paintings and decorations donated by relatives line the walls of JK’s Bakehouse & Deli. The shop seats 10 customers and nine can be seated outside.

Jodi Rademaker and Kathy Timmer
Jodi Rademaker and Kathy Timmer

Now best friends for 13 years, the co-owners take pride in catering and serving homemade baked goods, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and treats in their one-stop shop.

“We really are trying to be a little old local deli grocery store that is a one-stop shop,” Rademaker said. “You can buy whole fruits and vegetables if you want to, you can buy sliced meats and sliced cheeses, you really can come in and get a whole dinner.”

Cracker bread, Gorgonzola truffles, French toast and “spudwiches” — sandwich toppings encased in baked potatoes — are popular picks among customers.

“We really can fit into anyone’s niche,” Rademaker said. “I know we look like this tiny little store, but we have a lot to offer.”

The co-owners also provide catering at the Holland Armory and host in-house events, such as wine and cheese tastings.

“We take pride in what we do,” Rademaker said. “Everything we do, service and food, we do to the best of our ability.” n

JK’s Bakehouse & Deli
220 W. Eighth St.

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