JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar blends mugs of holiday cheer

photo of JP's Coffee and Espresso Bar exterior
Photo: Brooke Haveman
JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar

By Cortney Erndt

Longevity, a consistency of staff and a welcoming space to a wide demographic of customers is the recipe to JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar’s success, said Sherry White, operations manager.

“Whether a guest needs to have a staff meeting or just catch up with friends, we’ve got just the spot,” she said.

The cozy shop’s holiday color scheme reflects the jewel-toned decorations of Holland’s downtown streets, adding an element of merry festivity.

“With the onset of winter weather, the atmosphere here is charged by old friends exchanging gifts, little parties breaking out in booths, and, of course, Christmas music all the time,” White said. She took a few moments to respond to our questions about the holidays and coffee.

What’s the most popular drink during the holiday season?

Guests see the return of our Holiday Blend coffee, which is a chocolate, cherry and amaretto flavored coffee — a perennial favorite. We ship it all over the country to Hope alums, snowbird retirees, and expat Hollanders, as well as brew it for the store.

photo of Sherry White of JP's Coffee and Espresso Bar
Photo: Brooke Haveman
Operations manager Sherry White, JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar, Holland

What are the best holiday gifts for coffee lovers?

Folks order our gift baskets and bags filled with brewers, teas, coffees and mugs this time of year. Our logo mugs make wonderful stocking stuffers and they keep on giving! Every one is a 16-ounce mug, and every time we fill it, the guest is charged for a 12-ounce drink. It saves money all year long.

How do you like your coffee?

My favorite drink is the traditional Italian cappuccino, made both decaf and breve. It makes getting out of bed on a frosty morning worthwhile.

What sets JP’s apart from other coffee shops in West Michigan?

We are thrilled to be part of Ferris coffee. We are sourcing better, higher-grade coffees than ever before. Our director of coffee goes to the farms to purchase them. We can be assured they are coming from farmers who are treating their workers well, and we’re paying a premium price above what they can get elsewhere. That makes us feel good! We’re also moving toward greater eco-sensitivity with our products, from to-go cups to locally produced milk — all positive moves.