Macatawa Ale Company settles into new home on Eighth Street

Macatawa Ale Co Staff
From left: Ed Westerlund, Andrew Westerlund and Jeff Westerlund
Photo: Urban St. magazine/Kelsey Smith

By Kelsey Smith

Macatawa Ale
Photo: 8th Street Grille

Those looking for their favorite Macatawa Ale Company brews might be confused to find a family bakery in the building the brewery once called home. Although Mac Ales no longer sits along River Avenue, it still serves downtown Holland, just in a new location. 

Earlier this year, owners Ed, Jeff and Andrew Westerlund, a team of brothers and a son/nephew, came across an opportunity they couldn’t pass up —
8th Street Grille was for sale. 

“We worked down at Macatawa Ale Company for three years, and we had ideas to expand there and do other things, but then this space became available, and it was just a really good opportunity for us,” Jeff Westerlund said. “It’s going really well, too.”

With Ed Westerlund as an experienced chef, the family has changed the menu to be more gastronomy-focused.

“We didn’t get real radical, we want people to know they can come here and get a really good burger; we have a good turkey wrap, several salads — our focus with the food now is to have more fresh produce,” Jeff Westerlund said. “We don’t have anything frozen, all of our burger patties are fresh; we make as much in-house as we can.”

A new menu item, the Chicken Bahn Naan sandwich made with cucumber, pickled carrots, jalapeno, mint, cilantro, mayo, sesame garlic sauce and peanuts has been a hit, Westerlund said.

As far as craft beer goes, the family will open Macatawa Ale’s brewery in the basement of the building this fall. Until the brewery is fully operational, they’ll serve remaining beer from the previous location, including favorites like the Macatawa Ale Westerweizen and Macatawa Ale Citrillo APA, as well as other local Michigan brews.

Once the brewery is complete, 8th Street Grille will serve as a brewpub, and offer more of Macatawa Ale’s selections while keeping other local favorites in rotation. In addition to beer, customers can try hard cider, wine and craft cocktails.

“We just want people to know there’s good food here, all fresh ingredients, and a good selection of beers, cocktails and wine,” Jeff Westerlund said. “We want people to have a fun time.” 

8th Street Grille
20 W. Eighth St.

Macatawa Ale Chicken Bahn Naan
Chicken Bahn Naan
Photo: 8th Street Grille