Market Zero

Urban market brings a west coast vibe to downtown Holland

Kylie and Kevin Knight, founders and owners of Market Zero
Kylie and Kevin Knight, founders and owners of Market Zero
Photo: Urban St./Kelsey Smith

By Kelsey Smith

For Kylie and Kevin Knight, it’s all about creating a memorable (and delicious) experience. Founders and owners of Market Zero in downtown Holland, the Knights have brought an urban shopping experience to the area, but with a California twist.

“We lived in the mountains (in California) and every neighborhood has its own market just like this,” Kevin Knight said. “That’s where I grew up — for us, it was a natural thing. Every neighborhood has its own deli, cafe with a little corner store and groceries. That’s really where the idea came from.”

Kylie grew up in Holland and met Kevin in Lake Tahoe when they both worked at the same restaurant. Wanting to start a family, the Knights moved from Northern California to Holland. With Kylie’s experience as a chef and Kevin’s background in restaurant management, opening up a market was a no-brainer.

“We wanted to do something that we were passionate about — which is food and drink — but also not be so service-oriented,” Kevin Knight said. “We’re foodies by heart and I’d say this is satisfying that itch.”

Market Zero opened in May in the newly developed west end of Eighth Street and offers grab-and-go snacks, specialty items, craft beer, cider, seltzers and wine, bakery items, sandwiches and more.

“We make all of our deli items from scratch, including the condiments, coleslaws and dressings,” Kylie Knight said. “We slice all of the meats and cheeses, our soup is made from scratch and so are all of our baked items. We’re definitely busy back there.”

Must-haves include the feta dip, cucumber caprese, Cali club sandwich and Pumpkin Dream — a fun twist on a pumpkin spice latte made with white chocolate. The Knights try to showcase local, Michigan-made products while also carrying items that remind them of their time in California.

“We love to carry as much Michigan stuff as we can, but a lot of it is stuff that we ate when we were in California — I’d say 99% are things we’ve already had ourselves,” Kylie Knight said. “So we’re confident with what’s on the shelves.”

“It’s a hodgepodge of inspiration, but the concept behind our market has evolved quickly into a charcuterie-style market,” Kevin Knight added. “Everything here compliments a nice bottle of wine for a picnic or a setting like that.”

The market carries unique items like Endangered Species Chocolate and Truff Hot Sauce.

“The Truff Hot Sauce is pretty neat,” Kevin Knight said. “We’re the only place in Michigan so far that carries it. It’s Gucci hot sauce — it’s like $15/bottle, but it’s a truffle-infused hot sauce and it’s really different. And so we don’t have a hard rule of only having Michigan products, because then you couldn’t get stuff like this.”

When the space next door became available, the Knights saw an opportunity. They’re in the process of opening Kitchen Zero — a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot — which is expected to open at the end of November.

“We wanted to expand what we’re doing in here,” Kevin Knight said. “So now we’ll have proper seating and an entryway where you can get to both sides.”

Kitchen Zero will serve lighter, healthier fare including protein bowls and salads. 

“I think it will be impressive,” Kevin Knight said. “We definitely want people to find it to be a memorable dining experience.”

Market Zero
62 W. 8th St., Holland

Market Zero
Photo: Market Zero