The Paisley Pig Gastropub puts an upscale spin on classic comfort foods

Josh and Katie Sandberg
Josh and Katie Sandberg, owners of The Paisley Pig Gastropub

By Kelsey Smith

Waffle and Duck
Crispy Duck and Waffles

New to the Grand Haven area, The Paisley Pig Gastropub is all about fresh eats and a humble, upbeat experience.

“We want customers to have an excellent dining experience from food to service to environment,” said Katie Sandberg, owner. “We want everything to feel fun, relaxing and cohesive.”

With 35 years of combined restaurant experience, husband-and-wife team Katie and Josh Sandberg opened The Paisley Pig in June to share their personal take on favorite comfort foods. The pub’s menu focuses on Michigan-made products and ingredients, sharing an eclectic array of dishes, from Michigan Bison Meatloaf to Crispy Duck and Waffles.

“We say our food is American with a Southern influence,” Josh Sandberg said. “We have our version of the real Southern, traditional chicken and waffles, but we’re doing duck and waffles instead. We have fish and chips, but our version of that is with Great Lakes catfish, so in everything we make, we try to pull in as much Michigan influence as we can.”

As for the gastropub’s best-seller? The pulled pork nachos.

“People are going crazy over them,” Josh Sandberg said. “They have a ghost pepper cheese sauce on them. It’s our take on different things, (we’re) changing it up a little bit, so it’s not just standard pub food — it’s a little upscale.”

Pulled Pork Nachos
Pulled Pork Nachos

The Paisley Pig name stems from envisioning a cozy atmosphere with a farmhouse feel.

“I always call it farmhouse chic,” Katie Sandberg said. “We felt like the farmhouse is that homey, Southern feel, where you come in and you just feel comfortable and welcomed.”

In its short five months serving the lakeshore, The Paisley Pig has developed strong community ties and a large following.

“We’re doing what we love, and we’re doing it for ourselves now,” Josh Sandberg said. “And being involved in the community and meeting the people that are coming in — they give us such great feedback and excitement that we chose Grand Haven. That’s probably the biggest thing, is the community.”

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The Paisley Pig Gastropub
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