Pereddies Restaurant and Deli; New ownership, same traditions

Pereddies Restaurant and Deli
From left: Sacha Ratti, Pamela Mulder Ratti and Chris Brown
Photos: Urban St. magazine/David Hoekman

By David Hoekman

Pereddies Restaurant and Deli in Holland’s Washington Square has always been the place to celebrate life’s milestones over fine food.

New owners Pamela Mulder Ratti and her husband Sacha Ratti do not want that to change at all.

The Rattis purchased the white-tablecloth restaurant from Chris Brown in September. The family atmosphere at Pereddies is one of the reasons the Rattis bought the business.

“Chris has run Pereddies as a family business, and we want the same thing,” Pamela said. “We are not changing the name — on purpose. People know it and love it. We want to embrace all the good and then grow.”

So Pereddies’ pepperoni rolls are definitely not going away. In fact, they’re not changing at all.

For Pamela and Sacha, taking over the ownership of Pereddies Restaurant and Deli in Washington Square represents a homecoming and a dream come true.

Pamela grew up and went to high school in Holland. After college, she worked in corporate America, usually serving as chief marketing officer for small to mid-size businesses. Often, she helped those businesses move from private to public ownership.

Sacha, who was born in northern Italy, previously worked in commercial real estate. He has a passion for food and has always wanted to own and run a restaurant.

They learned about the opportunity at Pereddies through the grapevine.

Now, they and their young twin daughters are living in Holland.

And they are running a restaurant.

Homemade eats

Pereddies is known for its recipes from southern Italy.

Besides the large selection of fine wines, there’s a full bar and a deli. But it’s the authentic Italian foods — sausage rigatoni, eggplant Parmesan, charbroiled lamb chops and vegetarian lasagna — where Pereddies has made its mark. And then there’s homemade cannoli, tiramisu, cappuccino and a variety of desserts.

The decorations include trellises, grapevines and original art.

Slowly, over time, the Rattis plan to expand the restaurant’s culinary concept to include some northern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Think southern France and southern Spain.

Pamela said she and Sacha will also pay close attention to providing more space for smaller events as well as install a point of sales system

Pereddies Restaurant and Deli
447 Washington Ave.

Pereddies Pepperoni roll
Pepperoni roll

A Pereddies legacy

Chris Brown is closely identified with Pereddies. After all, the restaurant’s former owner worked there for 35 years. He started as a cook and moved into ownership.

“I hope I’ll be remembered for the good food at Pereddies and for being a good neighbor to Holland and the area,” Brown said. “Pereddies has weathered the ups and downs.”

Brown plans on doing some traveling in his retirement.