Pizza Quest

Unique pizzas and good vibes in downtown Fennville

Photos by Jason Roth

Today’s restaurant odyssey brings me to a hidden gem: Pizza Quest in Fennville! The exterior may be low-key, but upon entering Pizza Quest at 218 E Main St, you’ll find a different vibe than your average pizza joint. The place is loaded with artwork featuring video game and pop culture characters.

The menu is also unique, with specialty pizzas featuring colorful names such as “Ewok Village” and “Incredible Hulk.” The Choose Your Own Adventure (aka build your own pizza) topping choices range from basic pepperoni, sausage, and green pepper, to more unusual offerings such as mortadella with pistachio and miso-blanched broccolini!

Pizza Quest owner Nick “Chewie” Chard previously worked in the financial world, but pizza was his true passion. He’d had success with side gig pop-up pizza dinners, and last year he finally followed his dream: making the leap from finance to starting his own pizza restaurant. Pizza Quest has been open a little over six months, and they’ve been steadily increasing awareness via word-of-mouth of their quality pizza. Their extremely entertaining Facebook page certainly helps, too!

A Pizza Quest sausage pizza
The “Pickle Rick”

Perusing the menu, I opted for the “Pickle Rick” pizza. Wednesdays, Pizza Quest features a BOGO half off special, so on Chard’s recommendation I also got a Choose Your Own Adventure pizza with house-made sausage. The “Pickle Rick” is, naturally, a pizza featuring pickles, along with bacon, onion, and a bay leaf and shallot cream sauce. As good as the “Pickle Rick” pie was, the simpler house-made sausage was the winner for me. The crust, cheese, sauce, and delicious sausage recipe worked a mystical flavor alchemy. I’d happily order either pizza again — the rich crust being a standout feature.

Each Thursday brings a new specialty pizza from the creative minds of Chard and his staff as he is driven to keep his menu constantly fresh and evolving. I was allowed to sample a recent creation, “The Fable” — it’s an olive burger-style pizza in the spirit of the much-missed Mr. Fables chain’s famous olive burger. As a fan of both a pizza and a good olive burger, they knocked it out of the park.

A recent non-pizza menu addition is their hamburger sliders, which in true White Castle style come with cheese, onion, and pickles, plus Pizza Quest’s patented “Power Up” sauce. Chard and the kitchen staff had previously created a slider pizza featuring the hamburger sliders as toppings. It turned out so well that the sliders became a Tuesday special: $3 for a sack of two!

An art wall full of framed and interesting prints

Chard says, “Our pizza is better than the artwork on our wall, and the art is pretty rad!” I can verify both things to be true. Hungry travelers, make Pizza Quest the next stop on your adventure!

Pizza Quest
218 E Main St, Fennville
(269) 722-3180
Pizza Quest” on Facebook