Six West Michigan Artists part 2

Discover six local artists in the West Michigan community

By Steph Lulofs

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor
Owner of West Michigan Clay
3765 Lincoln Road, Hamilton

Taylor has been an artist since the 1980s and currently works with wood-fire clay. He is a curious person, who enjoys taking an old thing and putting a new spin on it.

See his work on display at the Artz and Gardens Tour during Mother’s Day weekend, May 12–13, where he will also be hosting two other artists (

Cyndi Casemier

Cyndi Casemier
Owner of C2C Gallery
104 Washington Ave., Grand Haven

Casemier has always been involved in the arts, whether it was music or actual, physical art. She gets her inspiration from the Grand Haven waterfront and architecture. She creates sculpture art and functional pottery.

“Art can help someone feel calm, make them smile, connect humans to one another and can cause conversations.”

Lee Ann FrameLee Ann Frame
Owner and artist at Norris Creek Printmaking Studio
48 S. 2nd Ave., Fruitport

Frame got her start as an artist through her mother. Her art is printmaking, which consists of etching, lithography and using woodblocks to create original pieces, with the boldness of nature and daily life fueling her inspiration.

Her advice: “Remember, there is room for every artist, for every voice, including you.”  

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