Step back in time at Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy

Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy
Photo: Chase Loreto

By Kelsey Smith

It’s been over 100 years since the Roaring ‘20s, but you’d never know after taking one step into Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy.

Finn’s, located inside Spring Lake’s Epicurean Village, is bringing an old-style, Chicago feel to the lakeshore. 

“We want people to feel like they’re stepping back in time when they walk into the building,” said Finn Treece, owner and founder. “When people used to go out to eat in the 1920s, it was a once-in-awhile thing. Nowadays, people eat out several times a week. It used to be such a show to go out to dinner back then, and we really want people to feel that way when they step into Finn’s.”

Finn and Roxy Treece
Finn and Roxy Treece, owners and operators of Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy
Photo: Chelsea Booth

Treece and his wife, Roxy, both own and run Finn’s, as well as Small Town Sandwich Shop in Spring Lake. The Treeces are planning on a May 5 opening date, with the restaurant’s rooftop bar opening on Memorial Day weekend.

Finn’s specializes in — you guessed it — steak. The chophouse will serve hand-cut, USDA prime-aged beef, but also seafood, pasta, burgers, handcrafted cocktails and more.

“We’re doing a kombucha-braised, bone-in pork chop that is absolutely fantastic,” Treece said. “It has apples and fire-roasted cabbage, and it turns out really well.”

When it comes to the menu, Treece serves familiar steakhouse favorites, but with his own creative spin.

“For me, it’s all about the flavor on the plate,” he said. “I’m not just putting out what I think I should. We’re really trying to do something different and out of the box, but we still want it to be reminiscent of comfort food and what you’d expect out of a chophouse.”

Treece’s passion for cooking began at a young age, and it’s only been growing.

Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy
Photo: Chase Loreto

“I was one of those kids who grew up watching PBS and always loved watching The French Chef and Julia Child, of course,” he said. I cooked with my grandma a lot growing up, she would always let me mess around in the kitchen with her.

“When I realized it could be a career, I started pursuing it and found out I loved it even more than I could ever realize — food is always such a pivotal part of every celebration; it’s just amazing to be the one that can provide that to people.”

As for how the chophouse has been received so far, Treece said the Spring Lake community couldn’t be more excited.

“Everybody has embraced us so much in this area,” he said. “We’ve had so many people reach out to us about how excited they are to see it, feel it and be a part of it. 

“We hope Finn’s is that place you want to go a few times a week. We built Finn’s for Spring Lake — we want this to be the place when you have an anniversary dinner, birthday dinner or even if you just want a really good burger on a Friday night, that Finn’s is the place you think of, every single time.”

Finn’s Chophouse & Speakeasy
110 W. Savidge St., Suite 100 
Spring Lake