Tips and tricks for the maid of honor and best man

2020 Wedding guide tips and tricks

Wedding season is just around corner, which means brides and grooms are gearing up for the big day with their trusted bridesmaids and groomsmen. And of course, the big day comes with some pretty big responsibilities — especially for the maid of honor and best man.

Have you been chosen as the bride’s confidant or the groom’s right-hand man? Here are a few pointers that’ll help you prepare for the special day.

Prep an emergency kit

What could go wrong on the wedding day? Well, just about anything. It’s always good to be prepared with a few essentials — double-sided tape, deodorant, a sewing kit, ibuprofen, tissues (and lots of them), snacks, water bottles and Band-Aids are always good to have on hand.

Calm the nerves

Calm the nerves

The wedding day is called “the big day” for a reason — there’s a lot of pressure. But, that’s where you step in. Take the time before the ceremony to reassure the bride/groom that you’re confident in your ceremonial responsibilities — making sure the gown and tux are adjusted, grabbing the bouquet when needed, etc. Make them laugh, reminisce.

Draft a  killer speech

Draft a killer speech

Arguably one of the most important responsibilities, the speech is what people will remember. Hold off on any embarrassing stories — now is not the time. Reflect on how amazing the bride and groom are, throw in a story about the couple and express why you’re excited for their future together. And, always end the speech on a positive note.

Be the first  on the  dance floor

Be the first on the dance floor

Don’t be afraid to break the ice and bust a move. This tiny gesture will reassure the bride and groom that the guests are enjoying themselves (and that they picked a solid DJ). Once you’re out on the dance floor, other guests will pick up on the cue and follow you out there.

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