Training Session Wednesday at tripelroot

146 E. Main Ave., Zeeland

Training Session Wednesday  at tripelroot
Photos: Urban St./Elly DeVries

In June, I joined the Tripelroot Riding Cru in Zeeland for an 8-mile bike ride for its weekly Training Session Wednesday. Despite the rain, a record 29 of us showed up, and it was an absolute blast. 

Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., the group gets together for a ride and a few brews at tripelroot. You can also leave your tab open and then wrap up your ride with another beer. The rides are open to the public, completely judgment-free and are designed for all levels, children included. 

Usually, the rides range from 10 to 20 miles long on either gravel or biking trails. Sometimes, the group even does an urban pub crawl. 

Despite not knowing anyone in the Tripelroot Riding Cru, and it being my first ride, I met a lot of new, friendly people and was welcomed in no time. It was a relaxing ride, and it was really cool seeing the community come together.

—Elly DeVries, publisher of Urban St.

Tripelroot Riding Cru