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RedRock Grille
Photos: RedRock Grille

By Kelsey Smith

Have you ever had your steak cooked in front of you on a lava stone? It’s about time you tried, and luckily, you don’t have to travel far to test it out.

RedRock Grille in Holland serves up well-rounded American fare with a focus on fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, artisan sandwiches and gourmet burgers.

“Our parent company, RedWater Restaurant Group, has a very popular restaurant in Caledonia named FireRock Grille that is known for its 500-degree lava stones that guests can use to cook signature dishes, including steak, shrimp, fajitas and more,” said Leanne Stoll, marketing director at RedWater Restaurants. “We wanted to bring that same unique dining concept to Holland since there isn’t anything else like it on the lakeshore.”

RedRock Grille New York strip steak
New York strip steak

RedRock Grille is located at Macatawa Golf Club on Holland’s north side. When it comes to the menu, executive chef Ryan Boersema pushes the boundaries and shows off his creativity.

“We draw a lot on our own experiences to inspire new ideas,” said Patrick Kneese, general manager. “Honestly, a lot of our new menu items evolve out of every day, passionate conversations about food and beverage. Chef Ryan and I will get to talking about something we’re excited about, and those ideas grow into a rough draft of a new menu change. We then run those ideas through a tasting panel, tinker a bit based on the feedback, and then ultimately hope to land on the best representation of the dish.”

RedRock Grille

When ordering, every option is bound to please. Of course, the steaks are very popular, but Kneese also recommends the Boursin chicken and bourbon glazed salmon.

“I also always recommend the seared ahi tuna on the rock and orecchiette pasta,” Kneese added. “With the cold weather right now, you can’t beat starting off with a cup of our butternut squash bisque. Also, Chef Ryan’s monthly features are always can’t-miss items to explore that focus on seasonal ingredients.”

Bourbon glazed salmon RedRock Grille
Bourbon glazed salmon

RedRock uses local products and ingredients whenever possible, highlighting the lakeshore’s bountiful resources.

“We are so lucky to live and operate in such a hotbed of talented and hardworking farmers, artisans, brewers and winemakers here in West Michigan,” Kneese said. “It’s an honor to support and showcase these people and their products, and using local products and ingredients is something we aspire to accomplish whenever possible.” 

Aside from offering a fun, experiential dining experience, RedRock Grille ultimately wants guests to feel at home and have a good time.

“Sometimes, people in this industry take for granted or forget that, every shift, we are blessed with the opportunity to make someone’s day better by simply providing great food, beverage and hospitality,” Kneese said. “At the end of the day, we’re throwing a party every night and it’s really humbling and rewarding to see so many folks truly enjoy their experience with us.”

RedRock Grille
4600 Macatawa Legends Blvd., Holland

Orecchiette pasta RedRock Grille
Orecchiette pasta