You gotta try Arturo’s Tacos

Aaron Ogg, content creator at Urban St.
Aaron Ogg, content creator at Urban St.
Photos: Urban St./Aaron Ogg

Arturo’s Tacos
305 N. Beacon Blvd., Grand Haven

My wife, Lori, and I visited Arturo’s Tacos for lunch in July to satisfy our craving for authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Lori works in nearby Spring Lake, so I’ve long been the beneficiary of her Arturo’s lunch leftovers. This time I had my own crack at the menu, so I went with one of my favorites: a carne asada (steak) wet burrito. 

“Pretty” is not a word I’ve used to describe a burrito until now. Instead of a dollop of sour cream on the plate or in a cup, it is artfully drizzled over the lettuce and tomatoes that top the dish, making for an appetizing and colorful presentation. 

Of course, as burrito lovers know, it’s what’s inside that counts. 

I’ve enjoyed lots of great carne asada in Mexico and throughout West Michigan, and this belongs in any conversation about the best I’ve had. Tender, flavorful and no noticeable gristle. 

Arturo’s also doesn’t make the common mistake of overloading its dishes with cheese; there was just enough gooey goodness to satisfy and not overwhelm. 

My guest was kind enough to offer me a couple bites of her chorizo taco and carne asada tostada, which were every bit as fresh and delicious as my wet burrito. We washed it all down with a horchata — the perfect beverage complement to the tastiest Mexican meal I’ve had in recent memory.

—Aaron Ogg, content creator at Urban St.

Super wet carne asada burrito, Arturo’s Tacos
Super wet carne asada burrito