You gotta try Bella Vita Spa + Suites

Bethany Vander Kolk
Bethany Vander Kolk, photographer at Urban St.

Bella Vita Spa + Suites
119 Butler St., Saugatuck

In August, I went to Bella Vita Spa + Suites in Saugatuck and had a relaxing, 50-minute, full-body massage. The staff was super friendly and really attentive; I felt comfortable in no time. 

Before each massage, you’re asked what specific areas you’d like to target, so that really made the experience even more relaxing and personalized. My massage focused more on my upper and lower back; it really helped me release some tension and unwind.

Before my massage, I got to relax in the waiting room, which was almost a spa treatment in itself — there was plenty of complimentary water, tea and coffee. Besides massages, Bella Vita offers a lot of other services like facials, manicures, pedicures and hair services, as well as other spa treatments like body wraps. I’d definitely go back again to check out everything else the spa has to offer.

— Bethany Vander Kolk, photographer at Urban St.

Photos: Urban St./Jamie Cannon