You gotta try Righteous Nachos

Righteous Nachos
Photos: Mark Dryer

There are nachos, and then there are Righteous Nachos

By Mark Dryer

Righteous Cuisine makes a plate of nachos that is so good, I call it “destination food.” Because when the craving hits, I drive all the way from Holland to Grand Haven just to taste them. Homemade corn tortilla chips, smoked chicken, queso sauce, pit beans, pico de gallo, ancho BBQ sauce, avocado mayo, chipotle crema, melted cheese and cilantro all come together for an amazing flavor combination. There’s even a blowtorch involved in the preparation.

So the next time you’re in the mood for some Tex-Mex, head to Righteous Cuisine. Their entire menu is equally delicious, but be sure to start with the nachos!

Righteous Cuisine
211 N. 7th St., Grand Haven