You gotta try Up Leaf Café

A new feel-good stop at the Westshore shops

Photos by Jessika Cesilia Perez

Up Leaf Café

A new addition to the Shops at Westshore boasts locally sourced fresh ingredients and greens grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Up Leaf Café serves Asian fusion cuisine — notably rice bowls, rice noodle bowls or Bún (pronounced like boon), salads, and spring rolls. 

The restaurant offers a pleasing wooden-centric atmosphere and counter service, where customers can choose from an assortment of combinations or to build their own. Online pre-ordering is available through their website.

Up Leaf Café’s drink menu includes plant-based energy drinks and blended smoothies. As the website states, “Options for vegans all the way to meat lovers — our food will leave you feeling full, happy, and satisfied (with no bloat!)” That last part is up to you and your gastrointestinal tract to decide. After dining in, my stomach and I have nothing but good words to say.

On the blended beverages front, I tried the  “Blue Dream” and the “Wild Dragon”. Both were satisfyingly smooth, just sweet enough, and flavorful! I could definitely see myself swinging by for a smoothie during the warmer months, or when I just happen to be running errands nearby and need something to sip.

If you choose to build your own bowl, you get a choice of a base; rice, rice noodles, mixed greens or lettuce are the options. For protein, there’s gluten free grilled chicken, Vietnamese BBQ pork, Korean style beef, spicy Korean chicken, or roasted tofu. To top it off (or if you’d rather dip), there are five toppings from which too choose: bean sprouts, sliced avocado, and pickled kimchi to name a few, as well as two “drizzles” and two sauces.

Up Leaf Café
The Blue Dream

The ingredients in my noodle bowl and spring rolls tasted as fresh as advertised and the Asian peanut sauce was a great addition to both.

Up Leaf Café is open Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Up Leaf Café
12371 James St #40, Holland
(616) 298-8733

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